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Elect Leon Warner

County Commissioner


Leon-7Leon Warner is a 4th generation resident of Creek County. He and his wife, Donna, have three children all living in the area. Two of their children are school teachers and one is a Fireman.

Leon is an alumni of Tulsa University, earning his bachelors and MBA from TU. He has held various management positions at local businesses, including Chief Financial Officer and then General Manager for the past 20 years at Crane Carrier Company in Tulsa.

Leon is a conservative Republican who believes less government is better, and we should not spend money we do not have.

Oklahoma County Commissioners are full-time executives and legislators (or policy makers) for the county. To be effective leaders, Commissioners should be seasoned decision makers, with a lot of previous management experience. They should be beyond reproach, with unquestionable personal integrity and be totally accountable to the citizens of Creek County. Those are the traits we should expect in all of our County leaders.

Receiving several requests to seek the position, and the need for a Commissioner with business experience, it is clear Leon offers that level of business management experience. His years as a Chief Financial Officer brings a high level of successful financial and business experience to the County. Leon has the business experience people are looking for in this election, which will be very valuable to help manage the expected budget reductions.

Leon’s goals for the position includes providing the financial leadership necessary to establish and review annual County budgets, as well as to ensure we are providing the best stewardship of our County funds. His vision for the County is to expand the tax base by expanding the local economies. We can help grow our economy, on the local and county levels, by working with our local Community leaders to help achieve their growth priorities. Mannford is a perfect example of the type of growth we need in all parts of Creek County. Leon also sees a real need to establish a team work approach, bringing our County leaders together to share goals and resources to help make the very best decisions for our citizens. There is no reason we cannot make Creek County the “Rising Star” in Oklahoma.