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C. L. Harmon Author

Author: C.L. Harmon

Thinking Out Loud: Positive Tools to Help Hurting Hearts

In the world of computers and other digital tech systems, the Alpha chips are always outperforming its predecessors and pushing the envelope in performance and architecture in microprocessors.  In the world of finance and investments, a high alpha indicates that the stock or mutual fund has performed better than others of its type within its market. When we think or speak of healing from grief and loss, we definitely want to react better than what would be predicted.  To maximize our inner happiness, peace, and empowerment, the alphas of grief healing must be the first order of preference in...

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MHS Soccer Signing

MHS senior, Alicia Mendez, signed Wednesday to play soccer next year for Oklahoma Wesleyan.  She is shown here signing with her parents, Rony Mendez and Camille Robinson, MHS soccer coach Roy Smith, and Oklahoma Wesleyan soccer coach Vladan Glavonic. Related posts: 2017 MHS Basketball Homecoming MPS DID YOU KNOW? September 2016 Late Night With The Pirates- Tip-Off To The Basketball Season Hudgins Shows At American Royal MPS: DID YOU KNOW? OCTOBER 2016 Mannford Basketball Homecoming Royalty: MPS: DID YOU KNOW? Cimtel 5K Surpasses 20K Goal Board Of Education Bullet Points MPS Did You Know?...

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24 Hour Pharmacist:5 Supplements That Make You Look Younger than You Are 

By Suzy Cohen I can spot a smoker or a sunbather really fast because they look older than they should from the free radical damage. Maybe you thought beauty is only skin deep, but it’s not. A radiant youthful-looking face is actually an inside job. It helps to drink fresh water, exercise regularly and eat healthy foods to get the nutrients which provide the building blocks of healthy skin. Your gut and liver enzymes (glutathione and catalase) must remove toxins and free radicals every second of the day otherwise the junk inside your cell damages your skin. I’ve tried...

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FEBRUARY 2017 GREAT things are happening at Mannford Public Schools! www.mannfordschool.com MECC In Speech, PreK and K have been working on letter recognition and sound association, identifying the initial, medial and final sound in words, taking words apart by sound and putting them back together. Speech has also incorporated into its therapy activities, conversational cues, manners, taking turns, fine motor skills, “wh” questions, and following multi-step directions. Students love to have fun while working on articulation and language! We celebrated our 100th day of school! Some teachers took student pictures and used a program to age the children to...

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Pharmacists Don’t Just Lick Stick and Pour

 www.SuzyCohen.com By Suzy Cohen  When I worked in retail stores, one of the most common questions I had was, “What side effects will this drug cause?” I remember some of my customers, especially the funny ones or those who gifted me with tokens like flowers, hand-made jewelry or pickled herring which I craved during my pregnancy in 1993. I had a good relationship with all of my patients. I used to work 14-hour shifts, day after day back in the 90’s and 2000’s. I ‘floated’ all around central Florida whenever a pharmacist called off. Thepharmacy would be closed, and...

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