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Author: Spencer Heckathorn

First Podcast – Check it out!

https://mannfordreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/CL-and-Spencer-First-Podcast.mp3   Take a listen to our first podcast. Yes this might have linked previously but some people were having trouble finding it. Please enjoy! No related...

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The End of April has Come and Gone, but Changes have Come and are Coming!

Spencer Heckathorn here, I have been administrating The Mannford Reporter’s website for a pretty long while now. It has been a wonderful and challenging experience so far. Over the last few days (and maybe a little longer ago by the time I publish this) I have been once again upgrading the server of The Mannford Reporter, each step thus far has brought new challenges and insight. The most recent configuration is really cool for all the non-technical people out there you can skip to the next paragraph. We are running on Apache 2 with a Nginx based cache delivery system, all served via SSL encryption. Now if you didn’t understand that or the coolness of it that’s ok, here is the an analogy that will help: Before                                 &             After                 Really Apache 2 is a ubiquitous web server program that takes the incoming data and PHP code to output HTML code that your browser can show you. Nginx actually does the same thing but this setup lets Apache 2 do the heavy lifting of converting the PHP code before you the visitor gets to the site saving the rendered copy in a cache for Nginx, which is known for speed, so it can send the HTML to you quickly. Ideally, this means we can handle a lot of traffic, so next time...

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To all of our loyal readers: Sorry for the delay

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know we will have a short delay in the posting of this week’s issue online. Find your free copy of the printed version at most establishments in the Mannford area. The online posting will resume on Tuesday. CL Harmon needed to head out of town and things just caught up with him so we weren’t able to get the posts in yet. We are going to take this opportunity to implement some much-needed updates to the site. We may experience short periods of the site being down over the next few...

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