CITATIONS 5/16/16 – 5/29/16

Bock, Cheryl Renee; Sand Springs; Speeding 16-20 Over Wallace JR,

Danny Maurice; Okmulgee; Speeding 1-10 MPH Over

Grummert, Joshua David; Sand Springs; Speeding 1-10 MPH Over

McAfee, Brier Niko; Sand Springs; POSS Of Marijuanna, POSS Of Drug Paraphernalia Abotteen, Basel; Stillwater; Speeding 1-10 MPH Over

Flanagan, Michelle; Mannford; Speeding 11-15 Over

Chenoweth, Megan Cynthia; Biloxi, MS; Speeding 11-15

Over Robinson, Natalie; Mannford; Driving Under Suspension, POSS Of Marijuanna Robinson, Natalie; Mannford; OPER DFCTV VEH

Morris, Quincy Dwayne; Agra; Speeding 21-25 Over

Strate, Darren Ray; Mannford; Pettit Larceny

Merlos, Selena Lucille; Tulsa; Speeding 21-25 Over

Nadeem, Harris; Tulsa; Speeding16-20 Over

Johnson-Roser, Cherie E; Terlton; Speeding 11-15 Over

Drake, Amanda Beth; Broken Arrow; Speeding 11-15 Over

Campbell, Nichole Juliann; Prague; Operating A MV Without a Valid DL, Failure To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law, Unsafe Lane Change

Royer, Dustin Joseph Bean; St. Louis, MO; Speeding 26-40 Over

Jirele, Debra Ann; Bartlesville; Speeding 21-25 Over

Bulleigh, Sean Charles; Tulsa; Speeding 16-20 Over

Glasco, Sierra Rose; Midwest City; Failure To Carry Insurance Verification, Speeding 16-20 Over

Kelley, Kenneth Ledale; Tulsa; Driving Under Suspension, Speeding 21-25 Over Yoder, Andrew DeWayne; Mannford; Trans Open Container Of Beer Rike;

Monty Edward; Mannford; Speeding 11-15 Over

Abington, Valarie A; Arkansas City, KS; Speeding 1-10 MPH Over

Erwin, Joshua; Chandler; Speeding 1-10 MPH Over, Drive Left Of Center,Interfere W/ Officers Performance

Ford III, Clarence Clinton; Mannford; POSS Of Drug Paraphernalia, Mannford; POSS Of Marijuanna

Thomas, Robert; Southfork; POSS Of Drug Paraphernalia  POSS Of Marijuanna Chism, Hunter James, Sand Springs; Speeding 11-15 Over

Vidrine, Nikki Lynn; Tulsa; Failure To Display Current Tag, Failure To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Doss, Bryan Licen; Stillwater; Driving Under The Influence Of Other Intoxicating Substances, Driving Left Of Center

Feddersen, Brent Edward; Sand Springs; Driving Under the Influence Of Alcohol or Intoxicating Substance, Second Offense In Ten Years, Driving Left Of Center, Transporting Open Container Of Beer, Transporting Open Container Of Liquor Holbrook, Phillip Dean; Mannford; Town Of Mannford Arrest Warrant

Rice, David Benjamin; Coyle; Pawnee County Warrant

ARRESTS 5/16/16 – 5/29/16

Bough, Sonia Lynn; Kellyville; City of Mannford Warrant

Cluck, Thomas; Mannford; Creek County Warrant

Ezell, Shawn Edward; Mannford; Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Intoxicating Substance, Second Offense Within Ten Years Ezell

Shawn Edward; Mannford; Failure To Stop At A Stop Sign, Driving In A Reckless Manner, Attempt To Elude An Officer, Possession Of Firearm While Intoxicated, Transporting Open Container Of Liquor

Harper, Brittany; Mannford; Driving Under The Influence Of Other Intoxicating Substances, Failure To Dim Lights, Operating A Defective Vehicle

Ledbetter, James Christopher; Mannford; Driving Under Suspension, Driving Under The Influence .08 Or Above

Phillippe, Ronalo; Mannford; Mannford City Warrants