By C.L. Harmon Publisher

Perhaps these accused meth users could use the services of Shaggy, Scooby and the gang of mystery sleuths to find out whose syringes they are and just how they wound up in their vehicle. In the seedy underbelly of the criminal world, there is the old adage that there is honor among thieves, returned loyalty amongst mobsters and of course, “I’ve got your back…until I put a knife in it’.

That knife in the back part seems to be more fitting for three suspected meth user arrested at Mannford’s Western Auto. It might seem apparent that these three don’t agree with honor between like-minded individuals…or maybe its true that they simply don’t actually know how a meth “point” ended up in the car they were driving. Either way, Mannford PD didn’t buy it and the three found themselves in jail.

However, the fact that at least one of them referred to the syringe as a “point” might indicate that at least she was familiar with the slang term and lingo for a meth syringe. Shaggy and Scooby would most likely deduce that maybe she might really know how the magic meth stick materialized. Responding to a call about a possible intoxicated woman in the Western Auto parking lot recently, MPD Officer Mike Nealey arrived to find Chief Lucky Miller already there. He immediately made contact with the woman identified as Patricia Kathleen Ingram, who appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine by the her movements, according to the report. So he asked her if she was using meth to which she replied that she wasn’t. However, she kept waving her arms around and running her hands through her hair, which are signs indicative of meth usage, the report reads.

She then suddenly changed her mind and decided to come clean about using meth and told Nealey that she had smoked some earlier in the day and even had a pipe in her purse. A search of that purse produced four baggies containing a crystal-like substance. One of those field tested positive as meth moments later. After telling Nealey that she was with two other individuals, he inquired as to their whereabouts. She then dropped the clue that they were at the grocery store.

Lo and behold the clue panned out as a


Ashley Dawn Worthington

then approached the scene. The party continued on with a white car pulling in with


James Wesley Vaughn

as a passenger, whom Ingram stated was the other person in the red car with her that was parked close by. A subsequent search of the vehicle produced two syringes that the officers believed were used for injecting meth.

Here is where the denial started and the honor among the like-mindedwent up in smoke. Both Worthington and Vaughn denied any knowledge of the syringes. This worked since Ingram said she would “take the charge” for the syringes. Only moments later however, she denied they were hers. Later during her interview, she opted to tell officers that not only did she know the syringes were there, but she actually witnessed Vaughn take one and offer it to a fellow user, according to the report. She did not tell them that they were hers, but mentioned that her fellow passengers were intravenous users. She wouldn’t say how she knew this though. She also tells officers that she saw Worthington take it out of the car console and throw it back in there earlier that day.


Patricia Kathleen Ingram

This story was not what Worthington and Vaughn were telling as both continued denying the existence of the syringes. In fact both admitted to using by either snorting or smoking meth, but just wouldn’t admit to the syringes. Odd that one would tell the truth about using, but not the method of doing so, one might ponder. Oh well, perhaps the mystery of the meth syringes will just have to remain a mystery this time and the ghost that placed them in the car will just slip by Scooby and the gang.