By C.L. Harmon/Publisher

The man recently arrested by Mannford Police Department who played hide and seek with his identity during a traffic stop has pleaded guilty to several of the charges levied against him.

Mannford PD Officer Mike Nealey stopped Anthony James Grigg on a traffic stop for driving a defective vehicle on May 4. A very odd conversation followed that went something like this: Nealy – ‘So who are you again? Are you sure that’s your name?’ Grigg – ‘Yes’ Nealy – ‘I checked. That guy you say you are is dead!’ Grigg – ‘Well that’s my name.’ Nealy – ‘Do you have anything to prove that is your name?’ Griggs – ‘I don’t know. Maybe…in my bag.’ Nealy – ‘Is this your name on this prescription bottle in the bag? Grigg – ‘No, thats my brother. I haven’t seen him for very long time though.’ Nealy – ‘Well sir the prescription was filled two months ago.’ Grigg – ‘Oh okay. Then yeah I am the guy on the pill bottle.’

Obviously a comical attempt to avoid arrest, Grigg’s attempt failed. He was taken into custody a short time later. He was arrested on Count 1: Unlawful Possession Of Controlled Dangerous Substance, Count 2: Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Count 3: Obstructing An Officer, Count 4: Defective Vehicle, Count 5: Driving With License Suspended, Count 6: Failure To Maintain Insurance Security and Altering License Plate/Decal. Griggs was in court on June 3 and was sentenced on Count 1- 5 Year Deferred – $250.00 Victims Comp, $250.00 Attorney Fee, Court Costs, All Jail & Medical Fees Required By Statute, Count 2- $50.00 Fine And Court Costs, Count 3- $100.00 Fine And Court Costs – Count 4- $25.00 Fine And Court Costs – Count 5- $150.00 Fine And Court Costs – Count 6- $100.00 Fine And Court Costs – Count 7- $25.00 Fine. After the arrest for Driving Under Suspension and Obstruction.

Nealey discovered the license tag had been altered with a black marker to make the 02 of the 2002 number be a 17. In addition, within the vehicle was a glass pipe of the variety commonly used to ingest methamphetamine, according to the affidavit.