By C.L. Harmon/Publisher

Some people just don’t get the message that speed is dangerous. And it is not the drug that contains a 100 cups of coffee in a hit that I am referring, but the feel of the open road at 120 mph. Although both may produce an adrenaline high; one keeps you awake at your boring desk job and the other one wakes up the police department that is usually on the hunt for broken tail lights and traffic transgressors.

Pablo Arturo Padilla certainly gave Mannford PD Officer Matt Waltman a wake up call when he decided to play at being famous 70’s daredevil Evel Knievel on his motorcycle just after midnight on August 15. However, instead of Pablo Knievel landing on the ramp after flying over 15 cars, Padilla just bumped into the patrol car and fell over like a kid on a bicycle. But, he only did that after giving Waltman a run for his money.

The report indicates that Waltman initially encountered Padilla travelling westbound on Hwy 51 when he clocked him doing 85 in a 65 mph zone. At this point he initiated a traffic stop, which obviously di not sit right for Padilla.What did sit right though with him was his frame atop the motorcycle and his intention to elude Waltman. Padilla immediately began to accelerate, the report reads.

Waltman then notified his partner Justin Golden that he was in pursuit of a motorcycle and his location. He then added that the bike had reached speeds of 110 mph in a 45 zone. Golden then set up a road block leaving a gap to avoid to a collision. Padilla didn’t see the logic in that and took it as a window of escape.

Waltman continued the chase reaching speeds of 120 mph through the city limits of Mannford looking for his opportunity to stop Padilla. That chance came seconds later when the motorcycle slowed allowing for Waltman to get his patrol car in front and box Padilla in. Three different times Padilla made attempts to get around the car before fianlly turning into a gravel parking lot in the city. Again, Waltman attempted to box the motorcycle in.

Apparently, Padilla had had enough and decided to turn toward the patrol car. This forced Waltman to slam on the brakes and for Padilla to strike the bumper, fall over and and raise his hands in the air in surrender.

After EMS arrived and stated thta there were no injuries, Padilla was arrested for Reckless Driving, Eluding Police, Running a Road Block and Violation of License Restriction. Turns out Padilla didin’t have a motorcycle endorsement on his license.