By C.L. Harmon Publisher

Not only do the days get longer during the summer, but so does the list on the police reports, it seems. It must be something about the coming of warmer weather that just makes folks want to party. The downside to the partying is that those having a good time still have to get home from the party.

Mannford certainly has certainly had its share of those driving a little left of center on the wildside over recent weeks.

Brittany Harper and Brier Niko McAfee

she dropped the car in reverse and backed into the front of his patrol car

From May 16-29, Mannford Police reports indicate that no less than five persons were arrested on alcohol/drug related charges while driving. The first of these occurred on May 17, when Brittany Harper of Mannford failed to dim her brights to Officer Matt Waltman, according to the incident report. No one likes to be ‘brighted’ so he pulled her over. Apparently, Harper didn’t like being pulled over anymore than Waltman liked being brighted, so she dropped the car in reverse and backed into the front of his patrol car, the report indicates.

Although a gutsy move, it landed her in handcuffs seconds later. The aroma of marijuana and her red and watery eyes probably didn’t help matters either. Come to find out, there was someone else in the vehicle as well. Waltman and Officer Golden made contact with Brier Niko McAfee of Sand Springs. He too reeked of reefer and was also placed in handcuffs, the report reads.

After a search of the vehicle produced marijuana and paraphernalia, Harper’s admission to “smoking a joint” and her failed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, the traffic stop came to an end and both ended up in jail, according to the report.

Shawn Ezell

Next up we have Shawn Ezell of Mannford. The report indicates that Ezell was into speed…not the energy-inducing drug, but the type that involves a led foot and driving 50 MPH in a 25 speed zone. Officer Johnny Porter noticed the vehicle Ezell was driving to be be in a hurry on Hinton Blvd. Being that such a speed is considered unsafe by city law, he initiated a traffic stop.

Perhaps Ezell thought the race was on, because he decided to increase his speed to 62 MPH and blow through a couple of stop signs too on his way to completing a mile at where, the report indicates, he did finally stop. After failing the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, Ezell was placed under arrest for DUI. A search of his vehicle turned up a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon and two firearms, the report reads. He was later transported to Creek County Jail.

Bryan Doss of Stillwater

actually driving too slow for standard traffic

Next on the list is Bryan Doss of Stillwater. Doss apparently had decided not to throw caution to the wind and was actually driving too slow for standard traffic. In fact, he wasn’t in traffic at all by the time he was pulled over, but driving several hundred feet on the shoulder, according to arresting officer Johnny Porter’s arrest report.

Once stopped, Porter asked if he was okay since his reflexes seemed to be extremely slow and his speech was slurred. Doss stated that he was fine. In fact he was mellowing out to some music and driving around Stillwater. Porter then notified him that he was not in Stillwater, but Mannford. Doss must not believed him since he disagreed and stated that he was near the turnpike in Stillwater, the report reads.