By C.L. Harmon/Publisher

The above headline could sound as though the defendant pleaded guilty in her birthday suit. But unlike her arrest in Mannford a few months back, courts require clothing. In her most recent court appearance, Halamar pleaded guilty to the charges levied against her.

Amanda Halamar made her debut on the front page back in Early April when we descibed the events of MPD Officer Michael Mashburn attempting to make contact with her by knocking on the door of her room at the motel. It took several attempts, but she did finally open the door and must have thought it a good idea to do so in only a towel.

Perhaps she thought it might be a good idea to so in an attempt to making amends with Houston Templeton, whom she had been fighting and the cause for the disturbance call. However, her greeting was anything but pleasant as she became instantly “aggressive” upon seeing Mashburn and not Templeton. After presenting a shotgun and wrestling with officers when they tried taking it from her, she was finally subdued and placed into cuffs.

She would also attempt to escape out of the patrol car after her arrest and while restrained in those handcuffs…unsuccessfully of course. As for those charges inwhich she pled” Count 1 (Possession Of Sawed-Off Shotgun/Rifle) was Dismissed with costs to state. Count 2 (Possession Of Firearm After Former Felony) she received 10 years suspended, and a $250.00. Counts 3 (Escape From Arrest Or Detention), 4 (:Aggravated Assault & Battery Upon Peace Officer),5 (Feloniously Pointing Firearm), 7 (Domestic Abuse/Assault & Battery), 9 (Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia & 10 (Resisting An Officer) were dismissed with costs to state. For Count 6, she received 10 years suspended and a $250.00 Fine plus court costs. On Count 8, she received $50.00 fine plus costs. She was also ordered to check In with drug court.