BREAKING: Mannford’s Police Chief Lucky Miller says U.S. Marshals arrested Joshua Caudill in Tulsa this afternoon. Miller says they tracked down Caudill after pinging his cell phone. Caudill is accused of running from police and trying to run over an officer Tuesday night. The officer fired seven shots after being knocked them to the ground. Miller says a bullet grazed Caudill’s right ear. You can see the mark in this video. Miller says Caudill admitted to running from the officer and using meth but denied trying to run over the officer. Miller says Caudill told him he didn’t know the officer and his K9 partner were out in the field.

Additionally, Miller says Caudill admitted to letting a passenger out of his pickup truck, who also had warrants, during the chase.

Caudill is headed to the Creek County Jail where he’ll be booked shortly.