By Tatyana Nyborg/Reporter

On August 11, the town of Mannford, board of trustees met to discuss the monthly routine. The board of trustees approved the new Oklahoma Tax Commission sales and use tax administration agreement.

“The tax law stays the same, just a few words changed in the new agreement,“ said Mayor Tyler Buttram. “So we had to review and approve the new law.”

The city council voted “yes” on transferring funds from the electric fund in the amount of $100,000 and the gas fund in the amount of $100,000 to the Mannford Housing Authority.

“This is the money the city needed to pay for the construction of the new senior housing apartments,” informed Buttram. The mayor gave an approximate date, Sept. 15, for the residents to be able to move into the apartments.

At the meeting, everybody said “good by” to Verlin Smith, who took care of the city gas department for many years. Smith is retiring and the board of trustees, City of Mannford approved his retirement pension under the terms of the plan from the Oklahoma municipal retirement fund.

“We appreciate everything Smith has done for the city and we wish the best of luck in all of his endeavors,” said Buttram. “Smith will be missed.” The city council voted to appoint Raylene Kelley as a vice chairman for the Keystone Development Authority. Kelley also is a new member of the city of Mannford board of trustees.

Other routine business, reviewed at the meeting, was approval of the July minutes of the board of trustees, planning commission, public library, public works authority, Keystone development authority, and housing authority regular meetings.