By C.L. Harmon

One man can steal another man’s dreams. He can align those of his den to sabotage opportunities and lay pitfalls on that man’s path. From this thief rests the seed of hubris and insecurity which spawn a veil of darkness on humanity.

As with any theft, the taking of something from another is proof that the thief envies others in his heart. He may even steal from another with a skewed belief that his actions are justified or even righteous.

However, his belief is rooted in man’s imperfection to seek selfish desire and not the wisdom of the Creator. What a thief does not understand is that he does not just steal from others, but from himself as well. He robs himself of integrity, the ability to achieve respect from others and the dignity to carry himself among those with honor.

In addition, the darkness these thieves create does not only blanket the light of its victims, but all light including the pathways in which they too must walk to reach their dreams. /