By Saraya Storm

This weekend, I let go of my life in Tulsa and drove a few hours to a swimming hole in the southern part of the state. Not knowing what I was in for, I packed a bathing suit, small lunch, some towels and a blanket for an afternoon date. I wish I could have prepared better, for the stunning outdoor beauty that I didn’t know my home even possessed kept me far longer than the few hours I was planning.

The amazement continued as I jumped from waterfalls, drank from a freshwater spring and explored the natural side of this world, or “God’s Playground.” It puts into perspective the awe of life and to be kind to and rejoice in all things living. I purchased new, stark white tennis shoes to wear into the creeks and swimming holes that I planned on hiking throughout my adventure.

I climbed out of the water halfway through my day and my white shoes caught my attention. I stared at them and realized that I had quite literally been swimming in nature and for the exception of their sopping condition; they were as clean as they were when I picked them out. I mused the pureness and clarity of the water and found pure joy in my surroundings.

The world owes us nothing, yet it allows to dance and play in all its beauty, for our own curiosity, amusement and healing. Life is not a walk in the park, but with feelings of bliss and perfection kept near, it is most certainly worth living for. The things that consume our minds will control our lives and I believe you can capture your self’s complete attention by indulging in what is good for your soul and leaving all of the rest behind for a few hours… or more.