Sandy Welch Thompson

Fashion is such a peculiar thing. We all have our own sense of style and some of us are accused of having no style at all. It changes all of the time and everyone has an opinion about it. Who should wear what, how they should wear it, even what size a person should be is all a part of every-day life it seems. All kinds of advice out there on this subject and none of it particularly helpful, but boy do people judge! Even in my own household, I have three distinct opinions of how a person should dress each day. I don’t own any of these opinions personally because quite honestly, I don’t care one way or the other usually. I may adorn myself with earrings that Teenie picks out, or at some point, put on some goofy headband that Nunu swears looks ‘divine’ on me. (Just a little tip from your friend Sandy: Grab the adult headbands. I have worn one of the kids’ to work and by noon I forgot I had it on, but it was crushing my skull like a nutcracker.) Anyway – as a rule, I generally make my statement with a plain ol’ t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes every day. Some days though ya know, I do go a bit crazy and you’ll see me in some purple with a hometown Pirate on my shirt – especially during soccer season. Just so you know, I seriously just high-fived myself. I am a mom. I have little girls. I make sure my kids look good when they walk out the door and my concern ends right there. Not enough time in the morning for much else. That’s my focus plain and simple. If you’re a mom, it should be your focus too. If there is time left over then I’ll take care of my own beauty needs, especially these eyebrows. Two days without attention and people claim they are spotting sasquatch. My style is most definitely one of convenience and speed when it comes to attire but I still have days when nothing fits and it’s just aggravating. You hate the way you look and you just know that everyone around you thinks it’s just awful too. I work at a place that has casual dress every day. I am definitely one to take them at their word on this. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Nobody said anything about slacks and heels in that statement, so I shower and go. Well that and I do pluck/wax occasionally. My misstache (yes…miss…because I am a girl) and I are getting to be closer friends as the years come. Selfish men – do they think they are the ONLY ones who get facial hair? My 5 o’clock shadow could put a few to shame I think. Just don’t judge me by what you see on the outside. Although it can be a bit scary sometimes. Sidebar: While I’m here, let’s visit a little more the face, shall we? I am pretty sure wearing makeup isn’t a prerequisite to getting quality work produced either. Has anyone out there every heard, “Gosh, I’ve got to get my mascara on. I have got this major presentation to figure out!” Or ever hear rumblings such as, “Good Lord I can’t go to work today, I can’t find my lipstick. There is no way I can go to that meeting.” Not gonna happen. We find something to throw on and get out the door. No matter how miserable it may be some days. My jeans aren’t stretching in the right places, my bra hurts, my shirt is outlining my back fat and my socks are sliding down into my shoes all day long. These days happen even to the least stylish of us, so here and now, I propose a change. This attire as I mentioned is so very important. What would happen if we couldn’t find ANYTHING to wear. Most of us get vacation days and sick days, but you don’t hear of folks calling in because they can’t figure out what to put on for the day. “Yeah, um…Boss, I just can’t find anything in my closet, so…well, I’m just gonna have to take a Naked day. No sir, you heard me right. I’m calling in ‘nakie’ to work today.” Wouldn’t that be great! You could stay home and not give a flip what anyone else has on that day, you wouldn’t have to judge yourself in what you have on, and get this, nobody else can judge you either (Trust me. They have. They do. They will. Always). Do the math on it. Nothing times nothing, divided by nothing equals what? Nothing. I say Three Cheers for Naked Day! Who’s with me? It may take a lot to get this passed through the proper channels at your job, but let’s not give up. The Naked Day gets my vote. Just one day to say, “Whew! Not today my friends, not today.” Well, that’s all I have. You guys with me? Leave it all off for one day. The makeup, the judgment, the self-conscious feelings of what you have on. All of it. Hide the mirrors in the house and go make yourself a sandwich. Close the shades too. Naked Day may not be popular with the neighbors just yet…or the mailman…or well, maybe not even our pets, but we will get there one day folks, one Naked Day at a time.