Name                                                                    City                                        Offense

Biddle, Edward Wayne                    Dallas,TX        Speeding 1-10 over


Rowlan, Daniel Roy                          Mannford        Speeding 11-15 over


Moore, Karen Renee                         Mannford        Driving under the influence .08 or above

Left of center

Gardner, Mark Samuel                     Broken Arrow  Speeding 11-15 over


Allen, Robert                                    Cushing           Illegal Parking

Driving under suspension

Failure to comply with compulsory                                                                                                                           insurance law

Failure to dim lights


Krebbs, Levi Dylan                           Bartlesville       Speeding 16-20 over                                     


Fuller, Craig Darin                            Sapulpa           Driving under suspension

Possession of marijuana

Littering on Hwy, Rdwy.


Jackson, Sarlie Kae                          Jennings          Speeding 11-15 over

Reynolds, Rita Ann                                           Sapulpa              Possession of marijuana

Poss of drug paraphernalia

Speeding 1-10 over


Duis, Chad Steven                                           Jennings                 Driving under the influence .08 or above

Operating a defective vehicle

Transporting open container of beer


Harris, Richard Leon                        Stroud             Mannford Warrants #CRM1500627 and


Renee, Tammy                                  Glenpool          Actual Physical Control

Knowingly transport in any moving vehicle any open alcoholic beverage or container.       

Schroeder, Terry Leon                   Mannford                           Resisting arrest

Public Intoxication

Disturbing the peace

Domestic Violence

Ward, Chad Bryant               Tulsa               Driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating

substance, first offense.  Version One and Two

Operate a defective vehicle.