Roy Damon Rogers for Creek County Commissioner 2016.

My name is Roy Damon Rogers and my friends call me Damon. I am the son of Roy and Nettie Rogers and I have two sisters, Brandi Hughes of McKinney, Texas and Kimberlei Babbitt of Hominy, Ok. I attended Mannford from the second grade until I graduated in 1984.  I then joined the U.S. Army where I achieved the rank of sergeant before I turned 21. I attended several military leadership schools while I was in the service. I got out of the service in 1990 and I went to Tulsa Welding School and after that I became a code welder for about 4 years. In 1994 my mother and father opened a small business in Sand Springs called Roy Rogers Furniture and Antiques and I came on to help run the business until 2005 when we closed our doors. For the last 5 to 6 years I operated and ran the business on a daily basis. After that I entered the auto business for a couple of years and worked with the Roger Penske Group at United Ford until I started to work as an independent contractor with my brother in law. In 2010 I was contacted by Stan Jones at Nichols Marine and was asked to come help him run this very successful, multi-million dollar business and I have been here ever since.  My goal is to operate the county as a successful business and turn this negative situation into a positive one by communicating with the city businessmen and women and local governments to make sure that their concerns and input is not going to be overlooked any more. I believe that once we start communicating better a lot of the frustration will go away. I know that everybody is concerned with roads and bridges, I also know that the county operates under a budget and we must work within our means, so bringing a positive business work ethic to the county will without a doubt will bring productivity up and we find that in doing that we will be able to save money in which we can use on road repairs. I have had the chance to meet several owners of very successful companies like Forrest Wood of Ranger Boats and Johnny Morris the founder of Bass Pro Shops and they have told me that the key to success is increasing productivity with  positivity at all positions and that includes input and communication from all. I believe that if you want your work force to do this, they must see it in you. I know several employees at the county with a lot of years’ experience and they know what they are doing, they just need better leadership and things will be fine, we all just need to be on the same page. If you train them correctly and give them the correct tools to do the job, then you will not have to micro manage them. I will always try to get more funding and grants to do more road work and repair but I also know that we must work within our means and fix what we can in a timely manner and I also know that we should be clearing out ditch’s and roadways so that water can be diverted, preventive maintenance can go a long ways. We will succeed as a team and turn this frustration around that the communities and towns are seeing. I am a proud Veteran, who swore an oath to defend this country, and I have over 20 years’ experience in business and as a leader, I know that we can turn the frustration around. I plan on retiring from the county as the commissioner and I promise that when I do, I will have trained someone to take my spot and keep the county moving forward. Every successful business starts with a positive leader, who takes care of their employees and the all of their customers and I will do the same.

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