By C.L. Harmon Publisher

So how well do you know your community? Would you believe that Mannford is the third safest place to live in the state? According to rankings based on data from the FBI and U.S. Census and the Niche website, it is true. It follows Collinsville at number two and Verdigris as number one. Niche gives Mannford a B+ overall based upon the numbers reported.

The report indicates that Annual Violent Crimes (per 100,000) in Mannford are as follows: Assault- 32.5, Murder- 0, Rape- 97.6, Robbery- 0. Annual Property Crimes (per 100,000) Burglary- 260.3, Larceny- 976.2, Motor vehicle theft- 195.2 That’s just the tip of the iceberg though for information. This little lake community is full of information. For example, Mannford is considered a small town by standards in Oklahoma with 3,214 residents. It also has very low home values, low rent costs, and very low unemployment levels, the website reveals. Its citizens generally have average education levels and average income levels.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Racial Diversity: White- 85.97%, Native American- 9.37%, Multiracial- 3.70%, Hispanic- 0.84%, Pacific Islander- 0.12%, African American- 0% Asian- 0%, Other- 0%. Non Citizens- 0.2% with a National Average7.1% with a National Average of 6.3%. Poverty Rate is 10.5% with a National Average of 15.2%. Unemployment Rate- 2.8% AGE:9 years and under- 13%, 10 to 17 years, 13%, 18 to 24 years- 9%, 25 to 34 years- 10%, 35 to 44 years- 13%, 45 to 54 years- 18%,, 55 to 64 years- 8%, 65 and over- 16%.

EDUCATION LEVELS: Less than a high school diploma- 10%, High school diploma or equivalent- 41%, Some college or associate degree- 32%, Bachelor’s degree- 13%, Master’s degree or higher- 5%

GENDER: Female- 48.9%. Male- 51.1%.

HOUSING: Rent vs. Own Own- 69.5%. Rent- 30.5%. Median Home Construction Year is 1982 with the National Average being 1976. Median Rent- $628 with the National Average of $904. Median Home Value- $111,500. INCOME: Median Household Income- $51,925 with the National Average at $53,046. Income Brackets Under $25k- 21.55% $25k–$44k20.49% $45k–$74k25.14% $75k–$149k27.02% $150k+5.80% Median Individual Income $27,674 with a National Average of $26,564. Income Brackets Under $15k- 22.82% $15k–$34k- 33.44% $35k–$64k- 31.35% $65k+- 12.39%

POPULATION DENSITY: 358 people/sq.mi.