412 Wreck 2

Collision occurred at 0718 hours on 07/08/2016 on US412 Eastbound 1 mile West of the Westport Exit located 1 mile West of the Town of Westport in Pawnee County.

Vehicle-1:            2008 Travis Semi driven by Darrell Duane Marshall, white male age 48, of Towanda, KS.  Transported by Cleveland EMS to St. Johns Hospital in Tulsa, OK.  Admitted in serious condition with arm, leg, trunk internal, trunk external and head injuries.

Passenger-1:      None

What happened:              Vehicle-1 was Eastbound on US412 1 mile West of the Westport Exit.  Vehicle-1 departed the roadway to the right for an unknown reason and collided with a barrier.  Vehicle-1 rolled ½ time coming to rest on its top.  Driver of vehicle-1 was pinned for 2 hours and 29 minutes before being freed by Tulsa Fire Department, Sand Springs Fire Department, Cleveland Fire Department and Peninsula Fire Department.

Cause of collision:            Pending investigation

Condition of driver:         #1  Apparently normal

Roadway:            4 or more divided concreate, dry

Weather:             Clouds present

Seatbelts:            Under investigation

Airbags:                Under investigation

Pinned:                See narrative

Ejected:               None

DOT #:                  1123267


Investigated by Trooper Derek Hempel #798 of the Osage County Detachment of Troop K.  Assisted by Trooper Mark Sparks #200 of the Cimarron Turnpike, Trooper Kevin Duncan #657 of the Cimarron Turnpike, Trooper Anthony Harper #239 of Troop K, Lt. Ty Owen #178 of Troop S, Tulsa Fire Department, Sand Springs Fire Department, Peninsula Fire Department, Cleveland Fire Department, Cleveland Police Department and Pawnee County S.O.