Gleason Story

This is our first attempt at a podcast. So far just from getting this together, I have learned a lot, but I can see I have a lot more to learn. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve. Like would you want to hear about more local stories or events? We talk about what the local paper means and a recent story about Macy Gleason (linked above).

Also at one point C.L. says something almost in passing but I thought it was pretty profound. This is how the local community gets its local news! This statement is so true, the Tulsa news outlets don’t bother. If they can’t justify it with some sort of rating boost then they just pass on it altogether. The potential is really limitless, if you want to make sure your son or daughters wedding announcement is seen by local people put it in The Mannford Reporter. Or if you thought it was really cool when you found some historic relics on your land and want to share the news call C.L. the same thing goes for local sports, events, and more. We are getting more connected and we hope you will connect with us!

Please enjoy!