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Footnotes In History: A Glacial Surprise

By John Chism Last week we traveled to Colorado to escape the relentless Oklahoma heat. One of our stops was Rocky Mountain National Park. At park headquarters we saw a movie about the beautiful park. The movie narrator brought...

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Knowing Our History

BY GORDON STEWART Keystone Crossroads Historical Society For many, tracing your family tree can become an obsession. It seems that knowing and understanding where you came from is part of the human psyche. But even for a...

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Mindset 11-20-14

By C.L. Harmon What does the expression ‘to be human mean’ exactly? Does it simply mean our physical features or the type of existence we experience based upon the limitations in which we were designed to live? Or does it mean...

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KCHS Veteran’s Appreciation Day

ATTENTION! KCHS’s 25th Vet’s Appreciation brought out several patriots to witness the reading of the names personnel and listen to retired Marine Staff Sgt. Richard Moss give a heartfelt speech about heroes of every kind and the...

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