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In A New Light 8-6-15

By C.L. Harmon One of the few good things about growing older is that we have been given the opportunity to witness change. For example, while recently out for a social evening in Tulsa, I and some friends were walking down a...

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In A New Light 7-16-15

C.L. Harmon I have loved storms for as long as I can remember. They seem to emulate every human emotion across the spectrum and that intrigues me. They can be violent, aggressive and destructive or gentle, beautiful and bring...

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In A New Light

By C.L. Harmon What is normal? What is it to be normal? What exactly does that even mean? What is it to look normal, act normal to just be normal? I recently found myself in a social situation where there were several people...

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In A New Light 2-19-15

By C.L. Harmon I rarely make comments on social media sites that I belong to as most are just people giving opinions and opinions are not easily changed. So it’s usually pointless to throw my two cents in. However, in a moment...

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In A New Light 2-5-15

By C.L. Harmon I recently witnessed a chick hatch from its egg. It was a couple minutes of wobbling and vibrating and then this little creature sprang into a new world bobbling about. It was one of the most fascinating and...

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In A New Light 12-4-14

By C.L. Harmon I recently took my mom to a concert. It was to see Gene Watson, a country singer who has been performing longer than I have been alive. We will just say better than 50 years. He had several hits during the 1970’s...

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