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In A New Light

By C.L. Harmon Since when is the truth in bad taste? When is informing people of actions that may affect them not okay? Is it okay if I call the police and report a prowler in your backyard? It’s probably fine with you, but not...

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Never Forget To Remember

By C.L. Harmon On August 6, 1945 President Harry Truman authorized the atomic bombings of Japan, first Hiroshima and Nagasaki three days later. His intention was to end the war in the Pacific and bring an end to the loss of...

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CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Holt & Don Gifford for for graduating from the United States Army War College in Carlisle Pennslyvania. SUBMITTED PHOTOS SUBMITTED PHOTOS Related posts: Veteran’s Day Feature: Band of Brothers...

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Independence Day

BY C.L. HARMON The Fourth of July has become a holiday of family, fun and fireworks with American children wearing the scent of gunpowder as a badge of courage from their “cherry bomb” exploits and adults charcoaling, chilling...

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Wouldn’t it be a remarkable event if 5,000 ships came to the rescue of people who were being oppressed? What if those ships were carrying 150,000 troops who were willing to die to ensure that those people could be free and safe?...

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Thank you to those who submitted. The Corp of Engineers is currently running models to make determinations about the locations and times of releases to bring the reservoirs to normal elevation. There are many variables in those...

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Keystone Lake Current Readings

Current Readings: from The Corp of Engineers Pool elevation is 751.05 feet on Thursday 28May15 Time: 1000 hours. At this elevation the total amount of water stored in Keystone Lake is 1406264 acre-feet. Reservoir release is...

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Free Fishing June 1-2

Go fishing for free June 1-2 Oklahoma anglers can fish for free during Free Fishing Days June 1-2. During these days, a state fishing license will not be required for anglers to go fishing in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Department of...

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