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Mindset 8-6-15

By C.L. Harmon Time is relevant only to humans. It becomes our master and we its slaves. Nature does not care about time, it simply functions through the elements that change within it as time passes. It does not forgive,...

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Mindset 7-16-15

By C.L. Harmon We exist in a colossal universe where it is the smallest of things that affect and even define us the most. What does this say about us and about our purposes in life? It is a kiss from someone we love, the loss...

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Mindset 5-21-15

By C.L. Harmon Every person views the world differently. We see our environment based not only on our life’s experiences but on how we believe the world should be as well. This is to say that not all of what we observe comes...

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Mindset 4/16/15

By C.L. Harmon Life leaves scars, regrets and sorrows that grow and integrate into our daily experiences. Because of this, they eventually become more than feelings, developing into an intricate part of who we are. As they grow,...

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