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Mindset 4-2-15

By C.L. Harmon The heart can ache for someone it hasn’t met yet. The mind can connect words to form a mental picture that can pierce the soul. It is apparent we are creations with immense abilities and yet we fixate on that...

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Mindset 10-15-15

. 2 By C.L. Harmon They are a plague which cover the truth as though it doesn’t exist. A Society molds its youth by the responsibility it accepts. If it hides behind the excuses it makes instead of facing consequences, it builds...

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Mindset 8-20-15

By C.L. Harmon Nature is often cruel. But only so in its efforts for survival. As we experience nature around us, we have taken those elements that we see and used them as guides as to what is acceptable in human actions and...

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