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Sandy Path Of Life 3-3-16

Sandy Welch Thompson We all have stories.  My stories can be fairly vivid – if you have forgotten the booger story or the one about stuff stickin’ together in my purse, I encourage you to look in the archived Path articles....

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Sandy Path Of Life 9-3-15

I saw a picture the other day on Facebook that read, “My house looks like I’m playing a game of Jumanji.” Man is that the truth! I try to remember that my kids are still little and it’s just gonna happen. It’s not like I am...

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Sandy Path Of Life 8-20-15

By Sandy Welch Thompson Sandy Path Of Life 8-20-15 I am a fairly independent woman and consider myself quite self-sufficient. Take a bit of education, toss in a spoonful of resourcefulness, a little bit of country living and...

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Sandy Path of Life 8-6-15

By Sandy Welch Thompson I wrote this last year around the start of school. I thought it was most appropriate to post at this time, this year as well. It’s just a gentle reminder that school is right around the corner and we...

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