That silent Sunday morning broke with the buzzing sounds of an enemy who hid in a disguise of surprise. That December morning in 1941 would embrace horror when the buzzing that ripped the morning clouds was gone and the surprise had gone back out to the sea leaving 2,280 servicemen to rest in violent watery graves.
The Japanese Pacific fleet brought a plague of destruction on that calm tropical morning in hopes of snuffing out a threat, but instead they unknowingly lit a fire that would burn from the wreckage of a naval port, through the hearts of America and into a victorious history.
This December 7 marks the 74th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii. This December 7 let’s take a moment to remember the 2,280 military personnel who perished before their time. This December 7 let’s remember 1,109 wounded servicemen who suffered through horrible pain.
This Veterans Day let’s remember the 68 civilians who lost their lives without warning or cause. This December 7 let’s remember the 19 naval vessels and 188 aircrafts that were destroyed or damaged in order to stifle our freedom. This December 7 let’s remember to thank those who built victory out of the ashes and to never forget what they gave so we could remain free.