City Manager Mike Nunneley has asked The Mannford Reporter to clarify the social media rumors circulating that city owned property is slated for Section 8 low income apartment complexes. In fact, he vehemently denies that the rumor has any validity to it whatsoever. “Absolutely not! It’s never been talked about. It’s never been discussed. We are building an upscale senior housing facility, brand new homes in that area (Lake Country) and brand new housing in Pelican Point. We have no intention of ever building Section 8 apartments for any reason anywhere in town,” Nunneley stated. He said that apparently someone in that area started the rumor and it has spread like wildfire. He said he has numerous phone calls from every aspect of the social scale inquiring about the rumor. He reiterated that it has never even been discussed by any trustee or anyone related to city business and that there is no prospect of such a development. He did explain that a developer has come in to town and is “showing interest” in building some upscale high end apartments, but those would not be north of town, but, along the highway. That possible development is currently under a feasibility study. The propery that is rumored to be the Section 8 apartments is 34 acres on the north side of the pond after entering Lake Country that goes all the way to Old Hwy. 51