Mannford Assistant Superintendent Kelly Spradlin reports that Mannford has been affected by flu season with a two percent decrease in average daily attendance during the month of January…most of which is directly tied to illness, he said. “Considering the dramatic negative impact that many Districts have experienced due to illness, the relatively minor impact experienced at Mannford is yet another reason for us to be thankful, he added. In other school news, the Mannford Board of Education hired three new kindergarten aides. Abby Cook, Jamie Dolan and Brenna Firey were all welcomed into the MPS family. Ashley Holt was also hired as a first grade teacher.and Dr. Steve Waldvogel was rehired for another year as superintendent. William Perry’s resignation was accepted by the board. no reason for the resignation was given. The Board also approved Teacher of the Year awards, which will consist of $500 per site and $1,000 for district teacher of the year. A motion was made and approved as well for a contract between the district and Train Heroic Software company for weight and training in the high school athletics department. The meeting also brought about the approval of an FFA Clean Up Day. This will allow for a campus clean day on the last day of every month from January through August.