By John Chism
Last week we traveled to Colorado to escape the relentless Oklahoma heat. One of our stops was Rocky Mountain National Park. At park headquarters we saw a movie about the beautiful park. The movie narrator brought up something about climate change being the biggest risk to the mountain park.
Climate change is the new code word for global warming. Such a general statement about climate change reeks of irresponsibility! Naturally, I took up the case to see if the one glacier in the park, Tyndall Glacier, is showing signs of warming. It did not!
A glacier is a chunk of dense ice which moves under forces of gravity and its weight. It accumulates in the winter, melts some in the summer. If winter growth exceeds summer melting, the glacier is known to be growing.
Glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere of the earth have been receding or withdrawing for the last 12,000 years! Warmists incorrectly use this fact to support their theory!
Asking abound a nearby town, the opinion about Tyndall Glacier is that it has been growing for the past three years! So have other ice fields in the mountains!
A panoramic photo of the mountains shows the Tyndall glacier on the left and growing ice fields on the right.
During the last ice age, Tyndall Glacier and others filled the mountain valleys all of the way down to the plains and dumped floods of water and sediment.
A great out wash plain was formed with rivers as wide as 20 miles, burdened with sediment which filled valleys and flattened the Great Plains from Wyoming to Mexico. Many of the gravels found near Tulsa in the Arkansas River and Cimarron River can be traced to their source in Colorado and New Mexico.
Before the last ice age was a period of warming with temperatures perhaps 30 degrees higher than seasonal highs of today’s weather! In central Nebraska there are fossils of palm trees, rhinos, sloths, camels and giant tortoise, all tropical plants and animals! There were no man made emissions in that time! The Warmists Alarmists certainly don’t tell you about this one! I really don’t believe in man made climate change! History of the earth shows a warming event 12,000 years ago that caused a major melting of the ice age, an event that made modern earth habitable for mankind. That event coincides with the Biblical event of Noah’s Flood!
Another Biblical event concerning climate change is the closing of the Garden of Eden!
The current drought in Southern California is being blamed on manmade climate change, however, isn’t Southern California part of the Great American Desert where rainfall is a precious commodity? We don’t need to be so sensitive to “The Sky is Falling” alarmists, especially about things that refer to our continually changing weather!