Go fishing for free June 1-2 Oklahoma anglers can fish for free during Free Fishing Days June 1-2. During these days, a state fishing license will not be required for anglers to go fishing in Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s many communication outlets such as its free news releases, Facebook and Twitter accounts are useful starting points for finding fishing information. Every week the fishing report provides a listing of lakes and the current state of angling success at that location.
The Department also updates its Facebook page daily with current reports from its own personnel as well as its fans on a range of current outdoor activities.
“If you stay connected with the Wildlife Department through these outlets, you are going to have a good, timely picture of what is happening in the outdoors across the state at any given time,” said Michael Bergin, information specialist for the Wildlife Department. “We stay pretty connected to what’s happening all over the state. If you connect with us, you’ll know what’s going on, too, because we’re constantly sharing photos and reports from our employees and friends who have been having current success. Free Fishing Days are sure to be a great time to snap some photos to share with us, too.”
Oklahoma offers fishing in lakes and rivers, but also in urban waters designated by the Wildlife Department as “Close to Home Fishing” locations. Although state fishing licenses are not required during Free Fishing Days, anglers should note that certain city permits may still apply to specific fishing areas.
Additionally, anglers fishing Lake Texoma should know that the free pass applies for all of the lake on June 1 but only on Oklahoma portions of the lake on June 2.