Full Moon
• The honeymoon is named after the full moon in June. As it fell between the planting and harvesting of crops this was traditionally the best month to get married.
• The oldest lunar calendar, showing the full moon was discovered in caves
at Lascaux in France. It dates back 15,000 years and marks the phases of the
moon, with a series of dots depicting the days in the cycle.
• The full moon may appear round, but is actually shaped like an egg with
the pointed end facing earth.
• In a study of 1,000 tonsillectomy operations, 82 per cent of post-operative bleeding crises occurred nearer the full moon than the new moon, according to the Journal of the Florida Medical Association
• It is only during a full moon that the dark side of the moon – the
hemisphere on the opposite side to the sun – is completely dark. .