Fun Facts About The Beatles

In February of 1964 “Beatlemania” arrives when the rock band The Beatles land in New York •Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was written about Lucy Vodden. A 4-year-old Julian Lennon showed his father a drawing of her of whom he sat next to in school. It is not about LSD as rumored. •Though not widely known, Stuart Sutcliffe was an original member of The Beatles, playing bass in the group’s early years. •Just a month prior to The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show the group sold 1 million copies of “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” their first US single. • There were 0 reported crimes in New York City that night of February 9, 1964 when the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show. •Over 50,000 requests for seats were submitted. The CBS Theater held 700 that night. • The title for “A Hard Day’s Night” came from an off-hand remark by Ringo Starr, who was known for his odd sayings, sometimes known as Ringoisms. •“Yesterday,” one of The Beatles most popular songs, originally had the working title “Scrambled Eggs.” • A real life Eleanor Rigby did live in Liverpool, however this was unknown to any of The Beatles. In an even more astounding coincidence, her gravestone lies in the cemetery next to the church where John and Paul first met. • Despite being the last album The Beatles released, Let It Be was actually recorded before Abbey Road. This would be the group’s final effort as a band. •“The End” features the only drum solo recorded by Ringo Starr as a member of The Beatles.