Lakeview Christian Church in Mannford will be hosting singer Songwriter Jamey Denison on Sunday July 26.
Denison is an independent recording artist, songwriter, and experienced performer who has become a favorite among churches and other organizations. His quality musical presentation is upbeat, encouraging, and appealing to audiences of all ages and musical preferences. He has toured throughout the country performing in hundreds of churches and auditoriums, appearing on television and radio for both small and large audiences. Denison appears in approximately 75-100 concerts per year crossing all denominational lines and has performed for nearly every mainstream denomination as well as many Independent church groups and Christian organizations.
“It is the desire of this ministry that the music and testimony will encourage and uplift you to a greater relationship with the Lord and that you will seek a deeper understanding of the knowledge and application of the Word of the Living God in your life,” Denison wrote in his website.
Denison appears on a free will offering basis to churches large and small, some quite small and often include dual charge churches in his schedule.
Denison will have a table with a small display of CDs for sale for those who wish to purchase CDs after the service.
His shows are approximately a 30 minute block of time to present his program and allow people to hear the heart of his message in song.
His unique style bridges the gap between Southern Gospel & Country, and Contemporary Christian Music which some have coined “Southern Pop”, an expressive style that incorporates Jamey’s wide appreciation for various musical influences. His performance is a laid-back, smooth style creating an enjoyable presentation suitable for any venue. Jamey shares his passionate faith, his zeal in serving God, his love of music, and how God has inspired him to pen over three-hundred songs.
As an independent recording artist, Jamey writes songs about faith, hope, love, and life. His songs are poignant, challenging at times, yet always refreshing, providing a thought provoking, spiritual experience. Many will appreciate the lyric content of the compositions for their depth, biblical soundness, and originality.Jamey has now released more than a dozen albums, seven of which contain all original material. The others include compilations of favorites such as “Momentum” and the “Found Files” and a “Best of Jamey Denison” which were released on the Provision label in 2011 and early 2012.