What is natural beauty? Natural beauty glows from within, which is what gives it its beautiful essence. Natural beauty begins at your core and radiates out. Natural beauty and inner beauty similarly reflect the person that you are. It’s interesting how when you begin to know a person for whom they truly are, their face follows suit, regardless of the makeup they wear or lack thereof. The term alone, natural beauty has been modernized to mean a clean face with minimal to no makeup. In my experience, the suggestion to opt for my natural beauty was used in a way to politely inform me that he/she preferred my face with a lot less “beauty.” Though it is a compliment need taken with a grain of salt, it isn’t wrong, therefore shouldn’t be taken offensively. He and/or she prefer to see me without makeup. But on the contrary, I love to see myself in it. Makeup is an art. I start every day with a clean canvas and a palette with infinite possibilities. This doesn’t mean I am insecure or unhappy with my natural face. In contrast, it means I embrace it and am confident enough to transform it into what ever my mood may be for that day. And what I’ve learned from the people that truly know me and my heart, is that they see my natural beauty no matter what face I’m in that day, because beauty is not defined by how you look, but who you are. Makeup artists differ from the daily makeup-wearer. Makeup is an art, and for those who appreciate its purpose, there is true passion in every application. There is knowledge, technique, and history that stand behind each new product, with experience to soon be added to the list. There is excitement when preparing for the day. Though it aides in masking impurities and is a wonderful tool, makeup is not my crutch to cover my flaws, but my way to express who I am without having to say a single word. Makeup enhances the physical appearances of people, but it is the inner feeling it gives me that makes me feel beautiful.