CAMPING NEWS: The city is waiting on the final approval from the Corps of Engineers to go ahead and build an additional 28 camp sites at New Mannford Ramp. Weather permitting, we plan to have them all opened by this spring, more importantly, Memorial Weekend. These new sites will have water and 50Amp electric at EVERY site. The sites will be built where the softball backstop currently is. West of the guard shack out in that open field. Since there is a severe lack of shade in that area, every campsite will be built with a concrete patio off to the side with a nice metal awning over the top of it to provide shade from the summers heat. A grill will be at every site as well just off to the side of the patio where you can still cook on it but, be under the awning at the same time avoiding all the spring and summer elements if you choose to. These sites will remain at the same price as all the other sites in the park. The city has submitted the plans to the Corps of Engineers to expand the parking lot at Prairieview Boat Ramp to 50% larger than its current size. The expansion will be on the North end of the current parking lot. Due to the growth on this side of Keystone Lake we are needing to expand to keep up with the growth. This project will begin immediately after approval is granted from the Corps. Preliminary plans have been submitted to redo the road going into Pelican Pointe. That is a county road but we plan to go ahead and do the necessary repairs needed plus do a complete overlay of all the streets inside Pelican Pointe. This will be a late Spring project because weather is a major factor when redoing streets. Mike has been working around the clock to get all the plans in order to get the bids out on the new Senior Housing Project. This will be a great addition for the residents of Mannford. The plan is to have all bids back and dirt moving around June or before if possible. A total of 40 units will be built and we hope to have it open by spring/summer of next year. Lots of great things are happening around Mannford. It has been exciting watching the town grow both on the commercial side of things and in our parks! Seya around town