By C.L. Harmon

Words bleed. Words stain. Words destroy the fabric which weaves us together by the actions they invoke. They also cleanse us if the actions invoked are of a pure nature. When we speak, our words are given life and from them a purpose is born. Thoughts give birth to words, which then produce ideas, that then create concepts from which is action taken. The entire system forms a purpose. It is that purpose which saves or destroys. Religions, empires and cultures are built on a foundation of words. It is those words that give a purpose to those who hear them. Those who speak have a responsibility to those words just as a parent does who brings life into the world. If those words are careless and cast without consideration for their effect upon others, they will bring about feeble-minded offspring with reckless desires. Those, however, who study their thoughts and plan for the future of those words, give those living words a home in the hearts and minds of those who believe in the purpose cultivated in your thoughts. They may then add to your meaning and further your purpose as it grows among those who have heard them.