By C.L. Harmon
People Become. That is a universal truth I believe. It is true that we are born with various qualities, traits and talents that shape us,

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We are given our form with the rough edges and the tools to become what we and the Creator wish for us.
What we create from that form with its shapeless edges is up to us. Think about how incredible it is to have the ability to design ourselves. Nature is about cause and effect. We impact other creatures by how we interact and treat them. They respond in kind or will respond as to how nature has programmed them to do. These are their options.
But humans can become more than a mirror of the interaction of which they are involved. They can choose to respond to hatred with forgiveness, violence with compassion and fear with bravery.
We become what we choose and not what nature dictates we should be. We are essentially slabs of marble with an unknown amount of time to create works of art that we then give as gifts to our Creator when that time has ended.