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By C.L. Harmon

What does the expression ‘to be human mean’ exactly? Does it simply mean our physical features or the type of existence we experience based upon the limitations in which we were designed to live? Or does it mean something much deeper than our perceptions lead us to believe? Humanity is a creation much like the life which we are constantly surrounded. We desire and require nutrients, mates, forms of shelter and space in which to exist. So these requirements do not separate us from those creatures in which we share this planet. So what gives the word human its meaning? Atrocities are caused because humans choose to see their counterparts as less than human. In other words, they no longer see others as they view themselves. When this happens, humans become a creation which nature never intended. Nature dictates the behavior of all the creatures on the planet, but choice dictates human behavior. Understanding how others feel is what makes us human beings in the natural sense; choosing to relate to the feelings of others makes us human. When we choose not to do this, we instead choose to be guided by forces that are unnatural, disturbing the order that is nature. So in reality and by doing so , we give up the very element which makes us human in the first place.