The greatest deceit ever perpetrated against humanity was the belief that it was acceptable to kill one another. Through evil, fanaticism, religious superiority, racism and dominance, we have picked up the stone and bashed in the head of humanity creating oceans of blood over the course of time. We have been led to believe that we are allowed to take that which we cannot replace; to destroy that which we cannot create. Regardless of our intelligence and despite our hubris, we cannot create life from the dust of the earth or the cosmic debris of the big bang, depending upon one’s view of how life began. We can only build upon the blocks of creation put in place by our Creator. We cannot create a unique fingerprint or personality that defines individualism. We can only emulate that which we learn in nature. Originality comes only from the Creator of humanity, not from humanity which creates its own origins. Yet we destroy life everyday through acts of terror, greed, passion and hate and take that which will never exist upon this earth again. Why is it that we lift the sword to each other when death needs no help from humanity? Would not a creation such as life be more valuable to those who protect it instead of by those deceived who wishes to steal it?