By C.L. Harmon

Some see the world as a canvas needing painted. Some see it as a book needing written. Some see it as a mystery needing an explanation. Some see it as a stone needing sculpted. Some see it as an ocean needing to be navigated. Some see it as darkness needing light. Some see it as a gift needing unwrapped and some it as a step needed taken to move beyond their existence into the next world. Where does their vision originate and why is it different than others’ view of the same existence we all share? Why would we not all see life the same the way and work toward one united vision? Would not the artist who discovered color in a world of gray be its greatest visionary? Yet, wouldn’t this also be true of the explorer who discovers new lands for a crowded civilization and even the poet who translate pain into prose that brings about hope? Our senses are designed for us experience the world, but not one individual ever created has experienced it the exact same way as another. Our world was never intended to be the same existence today as it will be tomorrow. This is the vision of the Creator and the answer to why we experience existence differently. When we envision differently, we understand differently. It is that perception which offers us a unique and fresh creation in which to experience with every new day.