By C.L. Harmon
What if the entire universe was created for only one reason, one purpose? Suppose you knew this and suddenly discovered what that reason is? Would it change how you live your life? Would it cause you to alter your behavior? It took me fourteen words to ask that question. There has been countless years and billions of people since creation and still there is no general consensus among humanity as to an answer for those few combined words.
Does it not seem probable that the answer is, in fact so simple, that we overlook it? Examine everything that is perfect in its creation. Nature care for its own. Animals nurture and protect their young, the earth gives the plants and trees what they need to grow and thrive, the female body sustains the life it carries within it. These are all examples of purpose.
But more than that, they are examples of an inherent love. Without that love, nothing can remain. Everything around us shows examples of the action of love. The best parts of us are love and we feel them in our hearts when we love others. Perhaps in the simplicity we overlook everyday rests the one word, love, that has always been our sole purpose in life.