By C.L. Harmon
When did we stop thinking for ourselves? When did we let policy become our master and integrity the slave? There are always exceptions to the rule. The law states that one cannot take human life, but then allows the exception of self-preservation within that law.
Even our grammar rules have exceptions and they do so because someone questioned why the rule had to be one way as opposed to another way. When we accept anything as it is given or spoken to us then we become a mindless society governed by policies that may not serve our best interests and those of our children.
Following the rules of man should never be an absolute. No policy is perfect and will always reflect the flaws of humanity which created it. Therefore it should always and consistently be questioned and re-evaluated to better serve both the cause for which it was designed and those affected by its initiation.
We must never assume that policy is right or just and always scrutinize every policy which affects us, no matter how small. We must do this or we give policy makers the right to determine many, if not all, aspects of our lives.