By C.L. Harmon

Music can tell a story without using words. Silence can be a guide in the darkness and nature can feel despair from its surroundings. Our existence was never meant to be about verbal communication only. Life is about feeling and meshing with that which we experience. This realm is layered with bits of information that are not always available through conventional methods. The Creator designed us to be multi-layered so that we are open to all that this realm has to offer. We do not grow physically with one process but with countless ones occurring simultaneously to achieve the completion of our bodies. This same philosophy is true emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Just as we grow inside from nutrients that are provided outside to achieve physical growth, we also find nutrients for our other aspects of growth through experiencing what surrounds us. Opening our minds is the greatest teacher. Believing that nature can understand us, all things provide purpose and that within the degrees of seperation from each other lies the treasures which connect us, we become whole. The answers are always here. However, they are rarely seen with eyes or heard with ears, but felt in the experiences of our heart.