By C.L. Harmon
A generation which fails to meet its obligations to hold its youth accountable for its actions is a generation which has lost its sense of responsibility to itself. Truly protecting one often means allowing that person to suffer the cost of his or her decisions.
Maturity and enlightenment come from battling the shadows, not dancing in the light. It is also in the darkness of being held accountable for the choices we make, that we find the first step that leads us to a life of faith. Religion can be taught, but faith can only be be found.
A new generation will stumble aimlessly without direction if it is not made to walk in the muddy and steep paths which it creates for itself. All humanity makes choices that place us in undesirable circumstances, but a youth taught to accept those circumstances responsibly and with hope will learn to create better circumstances in the future, while one who doesn’t will only learn to leave a legacy of failure.
Loving another is forcing them to find their way out of the darkness they create. Faith is trusting that the Creator has a light at the end of their dark tunnel. And hope is the belief that it is that light which sets them on a path where dancing in the light is a reward for having been responsible.