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By C.L. Harmon
The heart can ache for someone it hasn’t met yet. The mind can connect words to form a mental picture that can pierce the soul. It is apparent we are creations with immense abilities and yet we fixate on that which is shallow. We wade through brooks and avoid the oceans because we can feel the bottom of a brook and fear the depth of the oceans.
Yet there is an energy within us that flows with such power that we are capable of connecting with every other living living creature on the planet. Think of what this actually means in terms of design. Imagine what this energy means in terms of progression.
Intelligence, creativity and wisdom are but only a few of the gifts that we possess, but each of these are limited and are are not shared equally among humanity. Love, however, is hindered by nothing except choice. Love is completely free of restriction and transcends all boundaries of nature and logic.
The wildest of animals will love us if it is loved by us. It needs not understand us to experience the love we offer it. If we venture further into the waters of creation, surely we will find that its depths are not to be feared. Instead we will discover that the ocean floor simply rises to our feet.