By C.L. Harmon
Life leaves scars, regrets and sorrows that grow and integrate into our daily experiences. Because of this, they eventually become more than feelings, developing into an intricate part of who we are. As they grow, they begin to mislead us causing us to believe their hold on us is stronger than our gift of choice.
If we simply resist the deception and remember that who we are and where we are going is our choice, then we can choose for everyday to be a new beginning. What has brought us contempt and personal unhappiness in the past can be erased from us by the mere choice to be free of them.
What we hold on to, holds on to us be it positive or negative and if we choose to keep the negative then it chooses to keep us in that darkness, which is always present right before the dawn, but only seen when we let go and step toward the light.

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