By C.L. Harmon

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We exist in a colossal universe where it is the smallest of things that affect and even define us the most.
What does this say about us and about our purposes in life? It is a kiss from someone we love, the loss in a tragedy and a moment of laughter among friends that linger in our minds years after their occurrence. It is not the big incidents which grab a nations attention that roam the halls in our mansions of memories for years to come.
Even if we are directly affected by a large event, it is still the small connection between ourselves and that event which becomes a part of our lives. The entire happening does not remain alive within us; the intimate connection to it does.
It says that a grain of sand is important to a beach because it is a small part of something much greater. Without that grain is does become less of what it is. We are each the same in a giant cosmos. We create a beach with each of those tiny actions which then become part of something much larger that connects to a single drop of water in the ocean, That drop then flows to another grain of sand on another beach on the other side of that ocean. These small actions connect us together making us larger than life.