By C.L. Harmon

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This is a fundamental fact of humanity since the beginning. What comes of these when we focus so heavily on what divides us as opposed to what unites us? There are wars, acts of terror, violence, political upheaval and even attempts at genocide.
We are so focused on being right and having our beliefs accepted by others that we lose sight that our opinions are stealing from us what allows us to connect to each other. Love, forgiveness, compassion and generosity connect us all to each other in a way that beliefs and opinions cannot.
Different races, religions and cultures will live in harmony by simply loving and respecting the other. Harmony and peace need no agreement of like-minded individuals to prosper. They only needs acceptance and tolerance. Our world is a reflection of our choices. If this is not the world you hope for, then change it by exchanging an opinion for an act of kindness toward those who feel differently than you.