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By C.L. Harmon
Time is relevant only to humans. It becomes our master and we its slaves. Nature does not care about time, it simply functions through the elements that change within it as time passes. It does not forgive, understand or desire, it merely exists.
And yet it becomes the central focus of our existence. Our lives revolve around the minutes we are given like hands on a clock instead of by the idea that life is a gift to be experienced and not monitored by that for which we have no control. Time should give us the understanding that we are not immortal and will someday expire. But that should be its only influence on us.
Life is not about how much we can accomplish in a certain amount of time, but about understanding that what is important to us must become our accomplishments within the amount of time given to us.
Each moment of our lives is an opportunity. Everything around us is a circumstance and when our circumstances become more important than our moments, we have given up the opportunity to create the lasting accomplishments that live on forever and are never bound by the hands of time.