By C.L. Harmon
Vision is one of those words that has a transparent meaning to most. It is used to describe sight in the normal translation. But, as most things, there is so much more than what appears on the surface.
Our ability to experience life through sight is only a link in a chain that begins with that sense. It is the links that follow in which we expound on that initial vision. We continually add to that chain with each action followed because of the original sight.
These chains become what others will hold on to during the course of their lives. If what we witness is expressed or relayed to others through comedy, then others will reach for the chain in search of laughter, adding another link as they do. If it is compassion, others will connect in search of understanding the joy of making a difference in someone’s life. However, if it is hatred or violence we encounter, then we must decide to add to that chain, become a missing link in it or break it before it can hold anyone connected to us.